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Florist diagnosis: 11 signs that it's high time to go to floristry

Be happy in your profession
If you notice some of the symptoms from this article, congratulations!
You are one of unique people who can not live without flowers.
Oksana Anikina,
Lacy Bird chief-florist and teacher in the LBA
In your childhood you could not be torn away from collecting flowers and creating bouquets with them, herbs and greenery.

And every time you pass by a flower showcase, it reminds you of that carefree time and your true dream that you're missing now. To tell the truth, you've already defined your vocation at those times. Now just trust your inner voice and step in your dream.

Everything you create, photograph or draw is connected with flowers.

The picture is clear for us — you're a talented florist. You want to hear one more proof of that? During a long conversation you also draw flowers. We've guessed that too!)

It's time for you to put together all your talent and take your passion for flowers seriously. Your artistic taste, the ability to work with color and light, photography skills, and the experience of creating something with your own hands are more than useful.

2 hours on Pinterest is your usual situation.

Your thirst for visual inspiration is the first step on the way to working in floristry. In the future this visual skill will help you to form your own style. In any case, do not stop looking at inspiring photos and videos — this way you will learn to see decent shape combinations, color schemes and successful creative ideas.
In the concrete jungles you decorate your home with flowers and attract nature closer to you and your space

The students of the Academy always tell us that they came to study floristry because they just love flowers. If you like to arrange flowers at home, feel cosmic interaction with wildlife and lack a live environment in your daily life, then it's definitely time for you to connect your life with flowers and live materials.

When you come to a restaurant, you are interested not in the menu but in dried flowers compositions in the interior.

A common behavior of future florists. You're definitely in our club! Usually this sign is accompanied by photos from all angles, questions about who was engaged in this interior design, who is the author of these wonderful compositions. And now you understand that you can become a talented creator, not just ask about other talented ones.
You are thinking about changing your profession.

At first, a small thought appears in your head, for some time you don't even take it seriously. Then you start thinking about changing jobs in harsh times and "sweaty" periods. And in the end, you just can't get rid of the strong feeling that you don't belong here anymore. That it's time to move on.

Be careful, this is one of the most significant symptoms. If you don't change the situation, then you will drive yourself into a corner with burnout and even depression — do not do this! You and you only decide what you should do in your life, so act as your heart tells you. Be happy doing what you love and don't be afraid to start doing it.

Self-reflection always leads you to flowers and creativity.

Not all people should become managers, lawyers or doctors. Only you know and feel what you really like to do — listen to your heart (if you've sung that, give a five :)). Just imagine the eyes of a girl or even a boy who will receive your beautiful bouquet in the future. And imagine your happy soul when you're totally glad with what you do. Magic!

Your purpose is to inspire others and lift people's mood up with your creativity.

It is so likely that during all your life you were a person who always helped friends or relatives to decorate their houses, organize their weddings or birthdays and just created presents for them with your own hands. And, last but nor least, you feel 100% happier when you create something, present it to your beloved person and receive happy eyes and compliments in return.
Students are creating an installation on a full-time course in LBA
Instagram offers creative decorations or flower installations in recommendations, and you aren't against that.

And even targeted ads don't bother you at all, although you always go mad from other industries advertisements. That means that your soul intuitively wants to be in the thing. So, the most useful advice that we can give is don't stop your heart! Follow the florists you like, watch floral youtube tutorials, attend creative masterclasses and boldly dive in the deed of your soul. It will thank you for sure.

You have studied all the resources, hung out on all floral forums, watched all free floral webinars, but you want more and more.

It's simple — now you are the most interested in the floristry, it's more than an interest. It's already a passion! Now in order to become a professional you need fundamental knowledge in modern floristics. And here it is, your sign of fate — you are in the blog of the Lacy Bird Academy. If you feel that now it's high time to start a florist, start with those experienced specialists who know what they're talking about.

When you come to a flower studio, you choose the flowers yourself and even help a florist during the assembly.

And as the practice tells us, the bouquet is always cooler in your imagination than in reality. So maybe it's time to create bouquets yourself, and join the great floral community all over the world.
Actually, about the community.

Do you know that we have an international community in Facebook where:

✔ we publish free masterclasses and videos from our meetings,
✔ many florists are internationally involved in supportive and encouraging community,
✔ beginners receive advice from Lacy Bird Academy teachers and florists,
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