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FREE WEBINAR: 7 steps to Modern Floristry

36 modern bouquets and arrangements

Library contains step-by-step classes on bouquets and arrangements assembling and wrapping, organised by season of the year
Online video-library
Lifelong access
English subtitles
Lacy Bird style
Money back guarantee
Meet your
inspiring video library
of 36 masterclasses
Made by certified florists

All our curators are practicing professionals who share their expertise and creative vision with you
36 classes included

1 class = 1 bouquet assembling+wrapping. Classes are organised by season — you get 9 recipes for each season
High-quality video tutorials and photos

You can learn as the curator demonstrates and explains techniques. See all the details or screenshot for later
Lifetime, 24/7 access to classroom

You are free to practice and get back any time

The collection

Get inspired by all these bouquets
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What's inside of each class

Step-by-step video (eng subs)
List of used instruments and materials
Rose Toffee — 2 pcs
Eustoma Crystal — 2 pcs
Rose Playa Blanca — 5 pcs
Rose Apricot lace — 2 pcs
Ranunculus Elegance — 3 pcs
Yellow Ylex — 1 pcs
Palm spear — 2 pcs
Eucalyptus — 0,3 bunch
Pistachio — 0,5 bunch
Professional photo
Colour pallet
360 degrees view

How It Works

Choose your collection below
Pay with card. Get e-mail with confirmation and access to your account
Watch and practice
Carefully study the step-by-step video instruction and repeat after the teacher with your flowers
Create fantastic bouquets
Please your clients with new fantastic bouquets and amazing color combinations


This Is What Our Courses Are Like

Learn at Your Own Pace
Enjoy learning from home without a fixed schedule. You set your own timetable
English Subtitles
Our teachers speak Russian, but all the videos are available with English subtitles
Full HD Video
Videos of the highest quality ensure that you don't miss a single detail. With unlimited access, you can watch them over and over again
Lifelong access
The course stays with you forever, so you can always get back to to the lessons
Learn From the Best
Learn valuable methods and techniques explained by top Lacy Bird's floristry experts
Available in the app
You can take lessons not only on your computer, but also on your smartphone, whenever and wherever it is convenient for you

Choose your collection

US $59
(3,422.00 RUB)
  • 9 master-classes
  • Lifetime access
US $59
(3,422.00 RUB)
  • 9 master-classes
  • Lifetime access
US $59
(3,422.00 RUB)
  • 9 master-classes
  • Lifetime access
US $59
(3,422.00 RUB)
  • 9 master-classes
  • Lifetime access

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course suitable for beginners?
Unfortunately no. In order to create such bouquets and compositions you have to be at least familiar with basic spiral technique.

If you are a beginner, it is better for you to take the full Modern Floristry course with personal feedback
Will I get access to all classes straight away or or is it opened gradually?
You will get the full access to all classes straight away after payment and you can learn at a convenient speed for you
Will I get the feedback?
No, these classes are designed for inspiration to create a new collection of bouquets and arrangements. If you want to master your techniques it is worth taking the Modern Floristry course with personal feedback.
Where to get the material for work?
You can buy all the necessary tools in the shop for creativity or in a specialized floral shop. You can buy flowers at the nearest flower shop or at the floral base
Are there classes to create flower arrangements? Or bouquets only?
Yes, there are classes on flower arrangements as well
Personal consultation
This is not just a conversation with the manager, but a long-awaited meeting with your goals.
The Lacy Bird Academy manager will help you formulate your learning mission, create an educational plan, and select the courses you need

About Lacy Bird

MARIA, Teaches Basic arrangement techniques (SOON)
ANASTASIA, Teaches Photography (SOON)
OKSANA, Teaches Modern floral arrangement
ARTEM, Teaches Website construction and web analytics (SOON)
MJ, Teaches SMM, Instagram planning and content strategy (SOON)
PAVEL, Teaches Coloristics (SOON) and Modern floral arrangement
LIUBOV, Education platform engineer and technical support
ALEKSEI, Academy business development manager
DINARA, Creative florist, Trend-hunter
Lacy Bird Academy is an educational project based on the successful Lacy Bird floral business. The studio has evaluated from a small flower shop to a large-scale business unit with a world-wide known name and recognition in the past 8 years.

Since 2016, we have been teaching great florists and sharing the accumulated knowledge and experience without looking back or hiding something.
10 000+
Bouquets and compositions
per year
150 000+
Followers in Instagram
Professionals in their field
3 000+
Graduated students
Over 5 years we have trained 3000+ flower professionals all over the world
Since 2012 we are developing Lacy Bird — an internationally-recognised flower studio, based in Moscow. Through these years we have gained commercial success and become trend-setters in modern flower arrangement
Practice modern arrangement techniques and explore your own style with our curators. Wherever you are, our online English-language trainings are here to help you on your way

You tutors

Oksana Anikina
Lacy Bird's сhief creative florist in Lacy Bird
Сreative person who modernizes and develops Lacy Bird style with new trends, experimenting with new methods and techniques
Pavel Polkov
Lacy Bird's senior florist
Manages trainings for all new florists in Lacy Bird, teaches Coloristics and Modern flower arrangement
Maria Kalyuzhnaya
LBA's courses' tutor
Teaches you to seek for objective ideas and tools for creating and delivering your own style
Anastasia Kostikova
Lacy Bird's and LBA's photographer
The creator and moderator of visual content at Lacy Bird and Lacy Bird Academy
Daria Shulzhenko
Lacy Bird's florist
Uses her knowledge to enhance the world's beauty. Will also teach you to be attentive to details and turn your dreams into reality
Lacy Bird's and LBA's Social Media Manager
Has the core competence in creating passages, pictures and videos for the social media