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What is inside
You get 9 video workshops on bouquets in Lacy Bird style collected with summer season flowers. The package contains 9 classes on bouquets assembling and wrapping. See below what is inside of each class
Made by certified florists

All our curators are practicing professionals who share their expertise and creative vision with you
9 classes included

1 class = 1 bouquet assembling+wrapping. You get 1 flower box and 8 bouquet workshops for the summer season
High-quality video tutorials and photos

You can learn as the curator demonstrates and explains techniques. See all the details or screenshot for later
Lifetime, 24/7 access to classroom

You are free to practice and get back any time
What is inside of each class
What you will learn
Learn to arrange with season flowers
9 bouquet ideas for summer season
Learn how to combine colours
Online classroom includes bouquets with uncommon colour combinations
Practice variety of styles
Arrange garden-style, bohemian, and asymmetrical bouquets
How to get access to online classroom
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Pay with card
Get e-mail with confirmation and access to your account
Login to online classroom and start learning!
Over 5 years we have trained 3000+ flower professionals all over the world
Since 2012 we are developing Lacy Bird — an internationally-recognised flower studio, based in Moscow. Through these years we have gained commercial success and become trend-setters in modern flower arrangement
Practice modern arrangement techniques and explore your own style with our curators. Wherever you are, our online English-language trainings are here to help you on your way
Цветы и материалы
  • Роза Тоффи 2 шт
  • Эустома Селеб Кристал 2 шт
  • Роза Плайя Бьянка 5 шт
  • Роза Априкот Лейс 2 шт
  • Ранункулус Элеганс желтый 3 шт
  • Илекс 1 шт
  • Листья пальм Копье
  • Эвкалипт стабилизированный желтый, оранжевый 0,3 пучка
  • Фисташка 6 веток
  • Двухстороння упаковка 2,5 квадрата (60x60 см) - Замена: Однотонная пленка / Бумага (Длина стороны от 50 до 60 см)
  • Секатор 1 шт Лента атласная
  • Техническая перевязка
  • Двухсторонний скотч
  • Ножницы 1 шт
  • Вместо Роза Тоффи : Роза Капучино 2 шт
  • Вместо Эустома Селеб Кристал: Белая Эустома 2 шт
  • Вместо Роза Плайя Бьянка: Белая Роза 5 шт
  • Вместо Роза Априкот Лейс: Кустовая Оранжевая Роза 2 шт
  • Вместо Ранункулус Элеганс желтый: Гербера / Подсолнух / Роза Каталина 3 шт
  • Илекс 1 шт можно не использовать
  • Листья пальм Копье можно не использовать
  • Вместо Эвкалипт стабилизированный желтый, оранжевый 0,3 пучка: можно покрасить обычный
  • Вместо Фисташка: Самшит / Салал 6 веток
meet your curators
Oksana Anikina
Chief creative florist in Lacy Bird, Curator in Lacy Bird Academy
Creative person who modernizes and develops Lacy Bird style with new trends, experimenting with new methods and techniques. Oksana leads the development of new bouquets collections and teaches Modern flower arrangement
Pavel Polkov
Senior florist in Lacy Bird, Curator in Lacy Bird Academy
Worked his way from assistant in flower studio up to senior florist and curator. Today Pavel manages trainings for all new florists in Lacy Bird, teaches Coloristics and Modern flower arrangement, conduct individual master classes for students

(3 400 RUB)
  • 9 video workshops (ENG subs)
  • Lifetime access
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