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Modern Floral Design

Online course
Create amazing modern bouquets and arrangements and get personal feedback from a worldwide known floristry studio
Lifelong access
Audio in English
Personal feedback
Lacy Bird style
Money back guarantee
Master the essential techniques of creating unique flower arrangements by combining different styles, colours and textures
You will create modern bouquets and flower arrangements full of creativity. You will unlock your creative potential and find your own style. Moreover, you will learn how to create great photos and promote your work through Instagram.

Lacy Bird Academy is an educational project based on the successful floral business unit- Lacy Bird. Since 2016, we teach florists all over the world and share our knowledge and experience without keeping any secrets.

In this course, you will begin your journey into the world of modern floristry by learning advanced techniques of creating unique modern bouquets and arrangements. You will get step-by-step guidance on how to create various types of compositions and bouquets:

  • Modern Asymmetrical Bouquet
  • Modern Round Bouquet
  • Flower Arrangement in a Box
  • Hand-tied Wedding Bouquet
  • Handbasket of Flowers
Due to personal feedback from our qualified tutors, you will dramatically improve your skills in a short period of time.

Course overview

39 Lessons (6h 48m)
12 exercises
Course Final Project

Who is it for?

Beginner florists
Novice florists who want to create modern bouquets and compositions
Those who want to increase revenue by producing bouquets and arrangements of a new-level quality
Mothers on maternity leave
Mothers on maternity leave who are looking for an opportunity for creative self-realization and a source of additional income
Creative professionals
Creative people who are interested in learning and developing in various directions.
Experienced florists
Employees of flower shops who plan to improve their skills
Office workers
Office employees who want to learn a new promising profession or find something they would really like doing
Get personal consultation
This is not just a conversation with the manager, but a long-awaited meeting with your goals.
The Lacy Bird Academy manager will help you formulate your learning mission, create an educational plan, and select the courses you need

What You Will Learn

Round bouqet
Master the technique of assembling a round bouquet perfectly
Asymmetrical Bouquet
Learn how to create not just a sprawling bouquet, but a product that will meet all the requirements of a seasonal collection
Asymmetrical composition
Learn how to work with foam and create excellent asymmetrical compositions in hat boxes
The art of color. knowledge of coloristics will allow you to look at the color from a different angle. Learn how to find unusual combinations and use them to influence the client
Learn how to pack bouquets. Well-chosen packaging emphasizes the beauty of flowers and harmoniously complements the bouquet
Wedding Bouquet
Learn how to pack bouquets. Well-chosen packaging emphasizes the beauty of flowers and harmoniously complements the bouquet
Mobile commercial photography
We will tell you all the secrets of shooting. Learn the basics of photography. Practice shooting bouquets with artificial and natural light
Instagram for a florist
learn how to create your own unique content on Instagram that will get you to the top
Inspiration and your own style search
Where to find inspiration, what are the current trends, and how to find your own sources of inspiration
Handbasket of Flowers
Understanding of the basics for handbasket of flowers, its form and proportions, the rules of color bending of the material in accordance to its texture and flower hierarchy
World Trends
Where to find inspiration, what are the current trends, and how to find your own sources of inspiration
All about Flowers
You will learn floristry styles and flower hierarchy, textures and forms of growth and apply this knowledge at work on a daily basis

Course Table Of Contents

35 min.
Unit 0
Lesson 1. Welcome to the Course!
Lesson 2. Onboarding
In this lesson we will tell you how to take the course properly
Lesson 3. Meet your tutors
In this lesson, you will get to know the teachers, and we will get to know you better
Lesson 4. Objectives of this course
In this lesson, we will set joint goals for this course and set a specific date of their achievement
Lesson 5. Certificate
Let's tell you how to get a certificate
1 hr. 7 min.
Unit 1
Lesson 1. Florist as a profession
5 min. video
Lesson 2. Tools, materials and their usage
15 min. video + Homework
Lesson 3. Assembling spiral technique in bouquet
9 min. video
Lesson 4. Floristry styles and flower hierarchy
13 min. video
Lesson 5. Forms of growth and texture of flowers
13 min. video + Test
Lesson 6. Inspiration
12 min. video
Show Full Table
1 hr. 08 min.
Florist's core skills
Unit 2
Lesson 1. Flower vendor base
8 min. video
Lesson 2. Rules of delivery talking
20 min. video + bonus video
Lesson 3. Taking commercial pictures of bouquets with your phone
9 min. video [eng. sub] + Homework
Spiral technique:
Lesson 4. Round bouquet made of greenery
9 min. video + Homework
Lesson 5. Symmetrical - asymmetrical positioning practice
7 min. video + Homework
Lesson 6. Spreading bouquet made of greenery
15 min. video + Homework
2 hr. 12 min.
Modern bouquets and arrangement
Unit 3
Lesson 1. Coloristic in Floristry
20 min. video
Lesson 2. Round bouquet (Assembling + Wrapping)
13 min. video + Homework
Lesson 3. Spreading bouquet assembling
18 min. video + Homework
Lesson 4. Spreading bouquet wrapping
8 min. video + Homework
Lesson 5. Loose flower arrangement in a box
25 min. video + Homework
Lesson 6. Wedding asymmetrical bouquet
23 min. video + Homework
Bonus. Contemporary flower arrangement in a basket
25 min. video
28 min.
Advanced skills
Unit 4
Lesson 1. Commercial photography
17 min. video (in Russian, with English subtitles) + Homework
Lesson 2. Foristry trends
11 min. video
1hr. 38 min.
Instagram for florist
Unit 5
Lesson 1. Instagram
11 min. video
Lesson 2. Development on Instagram
14 min. video
Lesson 3. Instagram game rules
18 min. video
Lesson 4. Content creation
12 min. video
Lesson 5. IG Stories
11 min. video
Lesson 6. Promotion methods
22 min. video
Lesson 7. Profile packing
10 min. video
1 hr. 16 min.
Final project
Unit 5
Exercise 1. Mood board and bouquet's filling
Exercise 2. Exam

What's inside

How Personal Feedback Works

Watch and copy
Carefully study the step-by-step video instruction and repeat after the teacher with your flowers
Get feedback
Upload the photo of your work. Tutors will examine your work and will give comprehensive feedback.
Upgrade your work
Adjust your work to reflect the teacher's comments. Take a picture and submit your final homework

Course Final Project

After completing the course, you will receive a task to create your own bouquet or composition and assemble it yourself. After that, the teachers will evaluate it and give you a Certificate upon completion
Get Inspired.
Be Unique.
Boost Your Creativity.
USD 639
USD 519

What Do You Need To Start The Course

No background knowledge is required.

As for materials, you will need floristic secateurs (much better than a garden one), floristic knife (stationary will do as well), poly twine or any other kind of twine, wrapping- Korean film. Might be craft paper or any other wrapping, transparent cellophane. You will need it to prevent dirt at your working space, Oasis foam block (30 cm by 8 cm) and other easily accessible materials that will be specified by the teacher throughout the course.

By The End of This Course Your Will Able to:

✓ Find your own style
✓ Arrange flowers
✓ Make professional photos
✓ Manage Instagram business account
✓ Create modern Asymmetrical Bouquet
✓ Create modern Round Bouquet
✓ Create flower Arrangement in a Box
✓ Create hand-tied Wedding Bouquet
✓ Create handbasket of Flowers

Your Portfolio


Students Works

This Is What Our Courses Are Like

Learn at Your Own Pace
Enjoy learning from home without a fixed schedule. You set your own timetable
English Audio
Our teachers speak english, so you can not only watch the lessons, but also listen to it as a podcast
Full HD Video
Videos of the highest quality ensure that you don't miss a single detail. With unlimited access, you can watch them over and over again
Lifelong access
The course stays with you forever, so you can always get back to to the lessons
Learn From the Best
Learn valuable methods and techniques explained by top Lacy Bird's floristry experts
Prove your course attendance with a certificate signed by the teacher
Personal Feedback
Ask questions, request feedback, offer solutions. Our professional tutors give you feedback on your work
Available in the app
You can take lessons not only on your computer, but also on your smartphone, whenever and wherever it is convenient for you

Course Price

Lifelong Membership
US ̶̶$̶ ̶6̶3̶9̶
US $519
  • 30+ Videos (5h+) of Content
  • Access to video forever
  • Personal feedback (90 days)
  • Access to All Future Content
  • Access to Private Community
  • Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course suitable for beginners?
Yes. This course is suitable for beginners in floristry who have never assembled bouquets or compositions, and have never worked in floristry
What is the feedback and what does it look like?
After watching the video step by step, you do your homework, take photos of your work and send them to our curators. They give feedback and then you correct the errors. We talk about it more detailed here
Where to get the material for work?
You can buy all the necessary tools in the shop for creativity or in a specialized floral shop. You can buy flowers at the nearest flower shop or at the floral base
Is access opened to all lessons, or is it opened gradually?
Access is opened to all lessons at once and you can learn in a speed convenient for you.
When the thread starts, is there time reference?
We give you personal feedback, so you can start taking the course immediately after payment

About Lacy Bird

MARIA, Teaches Basic arrangement techniques (SOON)
ANASTASIA, Teaches Photography (SOON)
OKSANA, Teaches Modern floral arrangement
ARTEM, Teaches Website construction and web analytics (SOON)
MJ, Teaches SMM, Instagram planning and content strategy (SOON)
PAVEL, Teaches Coloristics (SOON) and Modern floral arrangement
LIUBOV, Education platform engineer and technical support
ALEKSEI, Academy business development manager
DINARA, Creative florist, Trend-hunter
Lacy Bird Academy is an educational project based on the successful Lacy Bird floral business. The studio has evaluated from a small flower shop to a large-scale business unit with a world-wide known name and recognition in the past 8 years.

Since 2016, we have been teaching great florists and sharing the accumulated knowledge and experience without looking back or hiding something.
10 000+
Bouquets and compositions
per year
150 000+
Followers in Instagram
Professionals in their field
3 000+
Graduated students

You tutors

Oksana Anikina
Lacy Bird's сhief creative florist in Lacy Bird
Сreative person who modernizes and develops Lacy Bird style with new trends, experimenting with new methods and techniques
Pavel Polkov
Lacy Bird's senior florist
Manages trainings for all new florists in Lacy Bird, teaches Coloristics and Modern flower arrangement
Maria Kalyuzhnaya
LBA's courses' tutor
Teaches you to seek for objective ideas and tools for creating and delivering your own style
Daria Shulzhenko
Lacy Bird's florist
Uses her knowledge to enhance the world's beauty. Will also teach you to be attentive to details and turn your dreams into reality
Lacy Bird's and LBA's Social Media Manager
Has the core competence in creating passages, pictures and videos for the social media