Learn how to create beautiful, modern bouquets. Get helpful tips from the professionals in floral design.

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Master modern flower arranging techniques, unlock your creative potential and discover your own style. Learn the art of flower mobile photography and how to take photos that sell. Get helpful tips from our team of professionals.

You will receive a step-by-step guide for creating various flower compositions:

  • Asymmetrical Bouquet Lacy Bird style
  • Modern Round Bouquet
  • Flower arrangement in a hatbox
  • The Bridal Bouquet
  • Basket flower arrangement


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practical tasks
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This online course is for you if you are a:
For first-timers or future florists interested in creating modern bouquets and flower arrangements.
For additional sources of income while taking care of a child.
Mother on maternity leave
For those who feel stuck at work, eager to start a new profession.
Office clerk
For those who want to explore new creative opportunities.
Creative person
For dedicated professionals, committed to constant growth
Experienced Florist
For those with a purpose to increase revenue by elevating product quality.
Business owner

No special knowledge is required for this course

Tools you will need: a garden pruner, a florist knife, a rope, a Korean style wrapping film.
All of the materials for the course are easy to get. The teachers provide recommendations.

What you will learn
1. Learn and practice
Students watch a detailed HD-quality instructional video and recreate the flower compostitions.
2. Advice and feedback
Teachers review every flower composition photo, give tips, comments and highlight the problem areas.
3. Final correction
Students add finishing touches to their work after receiving the feedback from the teachers.
How personal feedback works
Fill out the form to get a free demonstration of the course and the learning platform. We will answer every question.
Get a demo
After completing all classes and passing all of the assignments, students need to take the final exam.
Final project
The task involves designing and assembling of their own bouquet. The teachers of the Academy give a fair assessment of the flower composition and award them with a certificate.
Get inspired.
Be unique.
Unlock your creativity.
Student's results at the end of the course:
Gain their own creative style
Promote understanding of the color combination principles
Learn how to take commercial photos that sell
Social media success
Learn how to assemble modern flower arrangements
Lifelong мembership
  • 45+ Videos (6h+) of content
  • Access to video forever
  • Personal feedback (90 days)
  • Access to all future content
  • Access to private community
  • Certificate
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We launched Lacy Bird Academy with a purpose to teach the best practices of modern floristry to everyone who shares our passion for flowers. Over the 5 years, Lacy Bird Academy has trained more than 7000 flower professionals all around the world.
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