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Modern floristry: what are the ingredients of the Lacy Bird style?

Once upon a time Lacy Bird started with outstanding color combinations. However, the rules of assembling bouquets were formed and designed just when we started teaching — we had to structure the process of creating a bouquet so that it would be easier for our students to master the modern floral design.

Back then we started as "beautiful" and "interesting" and with time we reached the level when we realized our clients' goals and desires: like to impress, present a certain status, get back together, show care or interest, etc.

This way, our extraordinary bouquets evoke exactly those emotions that the customer was expecting. Let's take a closer look at how we do it.

Mindfulness and dedication at every step

We form a goal and strive for it. Every step of our work is made for a reason: from picking a certain flower for a bouquet to publishing certain posts on social networks. We set a road map for ourselves and confidently follow it, and most importantly, we realize why we are doing exactly what we're doing.

Lacy Bird exists at a junction of commerce and creativity. We believe that business should be profitable, and there is nothing here to be ashamed of. But we also believe that flowers should bring emotions and exceed the expectations of our clients and even florists.

Bouquets that make you feel something special

The main target of Lacy Bird bouquets is to create emotions in both parties: the one who gives and the one who receives. But also we strive to amaze ourselves.
We've gone through various stylistic options, color combinations, shapes, textures, concepts, and after nine years of our search and experimentation we are still looking for something new and raising the bar, trying to surprise ourselves. This is what helps us to change, grow and stay excited.

Some of you know that Lacy Bird is divided into an office and a workshop, and both divisions get pleasure from work: the office from introducing successful concepts and creative ideas that exceed expectations, and the workshop — from extraordinary assembly options, working with live material to the final result and also creativity.

Each Lacy Bird florist and team player contributes his love for flowers into the bouquet and makes a client feel it. Even if this is the tenth identical bouquet a day.

Approach that works for us

Behind the creative bouquets of Lacy Bird stands more than just flowers — it's our special approach to work. We are constantly exploring: new concepts, color and assembling options, new ways to interact with the audience, etc.

An ordinary person sees just a pink spot in a rose. We instead decompose it into many shades and textures and supplement it with those colors, flowers and components, with which it becomes holistic and harmonious. With the right selection each shade becomes visible and literally readable.

What's the benefit of our special customer approach:
  • The florist worked out the technical greenery: the client received a voluminous, airy bouquet and truly understood what he's paid for.
  • We unpacked and underlined our branding — the client emphasizes his image, status.
  • We came up with a convenient shipping box — the client noticed, formed an opinion about us, perhaps even used it in his life.

The textures and colors of flowers

And yet we've come to the most striking features of the Lacy Bird bouquets — exactly they bring us subscribers, admirers, clients and students who come to master modern floristry with us. Every day we continue to look for non-standard, new combinations of colors and textures and harmony between them.
Академия Lacy Bird: пример сочетания цветов в букете, колористика
(Fact. We use at least three shades of the same color to add depth to a bouquet and create contrast within. The colors in the bouquet are combined not by intuition, but by coloristic rules.)
Our works are like picturesque paintings that are created thoughtfully and precisely, with careful choice of colors, textures and their combinations. In our picturesque bouquets you can see dynamics and integrity that don't go unnoticed.

The first thing you see is a focal center — a bright textural dot that launches your visual trip through the bouquet. And the longer your eyes travel through the bouquet, the more details you reveal. And in the end, you get the whole picture.

For our customers, this journey starts with a delivery box. First — catching branding and logo, and after, inside — a real work of modern floral art.

Forms of bouquets in floristry in the Lacy Bird style

The corporate identity of Lacy Bird includes a complex architecture: shape, highest points, flower hierarchy, air and dynamics. We have gradually come to this perception. Now we think such architecture of bouquets is beautiful, but a year later… Who knows?
Академия Lacy Bird: пример формы букета во флористике
Академия Lacy Bird: пример раскидистой формы букета во флористике
When Instagram and Pinterest took their leading position in the social media, we started to follow colleagues from other countries: the USA, Australia.
In those countiries flower boutiques are mainly situated near flower farms, and the compositions are a bit casual and aerial.
Академия Lacy Bird: пример необычной формы букета во флористике
Академия Lacy Bird: пример формы букета во флористике
Works of foreign florists: @hattiemoloy / Australia and @textureflorals / Philadelphia
We were impressed by such freedom of assembly and composition and tried to make similar things: we used many flowers in one bouquet. Now, on the contrary, we are compiling a "capsule wardrobe" of flowers - more combinations from a limited number of positions.

Previously, bouquets were dense, round, unnatural, not revealing the beauty of the flower itself. Lacy Bird Bouquets now: aerial, layered revealing the natural beauty of the flower. The composition contains a lot of flowers, but nevertheless, each one outstands.

Focal points occupy a separate place in the architecture of our bouquets. We put them with an offset, according to the rule of thirds. The priority flowers are the ones which catch the eye at the first sight. In compiling of the bouques we elaborately combine several techniques, use rules, technological maps and color combinations, we may adjust the compositions, but never go too far as we are always searching for harmony.

Harmonious combination of techniques

It is the harmony that distinguishes a Lacy Bird bouquet from a bouquet that was assembled according to "the Lacy Bird's rules". The secret is simple and sophisticated at the same time. It is about the skills and talents of the florist, who does not just work according to the instructions, but puts a part of himself into the bouquet: his expertize, intuition, emotions, conscious experience, creative decision making. This is what we call "The influence of people on style".

The influence of people on style

Lacy Bird bouquets are hard to copy and replicate without a creative team. The recognizable style is partly formed by our inventive florists.

It looks like a fashion house: a new creative director can alter the brand's look while maintaining the brand's identity, rules and the core aesthetics. Original combinations of colors and textures are to be kept untouched, the rest can be subjected to changes in Lacy Bird.

People can change, make researches, think on their own in Lacy Bird. That's why our corporate style is constantly changing. There is no other Lacy Bird. And it cannot appear, because a stable combination of people who create our style simply doesn't exist.

We encourage the creative inspiration of our florists, their own contribution to the creation of the unique Lacy Bird style. This is how we add variability - the florists are passionate about their work and are satisfied with the results, which means they are motivated to grow further.

That is why we prefer to hire a florist who will thoughtfully make a replacement, will take care of the materials and get out of a non-standard situation without affecting the final emotion of the client, which the bouquet has to make.

Method of packing bouquets

The brand identity creates an impression on a subconscious level. The client does not need to read the text and comprehend it, he reads the color of the box, the details of the logo, the tactile sensations from the ribbon.
Академия Lacy Bird: пример упаковки букетов в фирменном стиле, украшение лентами
Академия Lacy Bird: пример упаковки букетов в упаковочную бумагу в фирменном стиле
Академия Lacy Bird: пример упаковки букетов в шляпную коробку в фирменном стиле
Академия Lacy Bird: пример упаковки букетов для перевозки в фирменном стиле
We take brand identity seriously, that's why we ordered the brand concept in a design bureau. It meets our mission and values
Together with your tone of voice, the client gets the big idea that you put not only to the bouquet, but also in general into your work.

Shortly speaking, the brand identity visually reports the mission and values of your company.

Tuning to trends

Lacy Bird is considered to be a trendsetter of modern floristry. Again, we challenge ourselves to be ahead of everyone else, this is sort of a protection against competition and the dying of the business.

Trends do not appear from nowhere, that's why we are closely monitoring the global situation in the market. For example, it was widely popular to paint flowers, and we were the first and best in this, but now we use dyed material less and less, because the natural beauty of the flower is in trend.

We have already entered a new trend: garden and farm flowers in bouquets. Home flower aesthetics is also gaining popularity. People want to create "ambiance" around themselves, add creativity, feel themselves decorators.

This is a very nice trend, so we created a special collection for the home - these are sets of flowers, specially arranged for people so that they can decorate their homes or workplaces themselves.

Summing up the above said: the secret of a recognizable style is hidden not a specific assembly rules and technological maps, but in a special approach to work. And all the practical moments stem from here.

Today you got acquainted with our approach. We will be happy if this material will help you find the way to your own unique style.

And if after this article you're inspired and determined to find your style, we recommend to enrol on our bestselling Modern Floral Design online course where you'll learn how to use Lacy Bird's style and create your own modern floral masterpieces.